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About Us

About us

Coco and Kate first opened its doors in May 2014 and since then, so many wonderful brides to be have become part of our story. Every day I’m reminded that I really do have the very best job in the world and being a tiny part of so many weddings is an absolute joy and privilege.

The boutique is nestled in the picturesque Hatton Shopping Village and it’s a little bit quirky and certainly unique. I’ve been told many times now that it’s also welcoming and luxurious without being overwhelming or pretentious and that makes me so happy. I want everyone who visits Coco and Kate to love it as much as I do and to feel at home with us. Our ‘by appointment only’ service allows me to spend plenty of time with you and ensures that you’ll never feel rushed or crowded but rather relaxed and special. This is shopping at its most indulgent!

One of the things I’m asked on a relatively regular basis is ‘who are Coco and Kate?’ so let me shed some light on the story behind the name. Coco and Kate were two amazing women, Catherine and Katherine, who you’ll find way back on my family tree. Catherine became Coco over the years and Katherine assumed the nickname of Kate. Both were loved and both were wonderful so both needed to be part of something that I want to be equally memorable – Coco + Kate.

Lastly, huge congratulations on your engagement and I can’t wait to open the door to my boutique to you soon.


Sophie x