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Coco & Kate Q&A – ‘What Should I Expect When I Come To My Appointment?’

So, how has ‘back to work’ week been for everyone? At the risk of sounding altogether too smug, it’s been rather fabulous here at Coco & Kate. To start with, you might have noticed that we’ve given the website a little makeover during the festive period so that’s the first thing ticked off our ‘2015 To Do List’ already! Secondly, and most wonderfully, it’s that time of year when our phone starts ringing madly and our e-mail is continually pinging with brides booking appointments at our beautiful boutique. We can’t wait to meet everyone and if you’ve been waiting to arrange a time to come in because you’re feeling a little unsure of what awaits you, then we hope this Q&A might set your mind at rest and get you reaching for your diary.

I think because wedding dress shopping is an experience that’s so unlike everything else; it can seem a little overwhelming. You want to enjoy every moment but you don’t really know how to play it so it can be a bit fraught. But, fear not, here’s our lowdown on what you should expect when you come to your appointment.

I have no idea what will suit me so I’m a bit worried it’ll be rather overwhelming. Please tell me you’ll help!

Of course we’ll help you – it’s the best part of our job! Firstly, please don’t worry, we don’t expect you to come knowing the ins and outs of every gown style out there. If you want to feel a bit prepped, you could look around some of the fab wedding blogs and bookmark your favourites or pin them to a Pinterest board. Blogs like Love My Dress let you pin straight from their pages which is fantastic. We start every appointment with a good chat so we can find out more about you so that’s the perfect time to share those Pinterest boards or confess your fear about strapless gowns!

It seems everyone wants to come and give an opinion - who do I really need to bring with me?

We can completely understand why everyone wants to get in on the wedding dress shopping action but please limit your entourage to four. This keeps everything relaxed and gives you lots of space in the boutique too as well as making sure that you’re not getting too many opinions. After all, you’re the one wearing the dress! Only bring those people who you really really trust so if you don’t really get on with your Mother-in-Law to be, wedding dress shopping isn’t the best outing to bring her on!

What are the house rules at Coco & Kate? Can I take photos, bring champagne etc.?

We are always well stocked with fizz (no wedding dress shop experience is complete without bubbles in our opinion!) but you’re more than welcome to bring your own. However, as tempting as it is to snap a selfie in the changing room, please don’t take photos whilst you’re with us. Our designers are very special to us and we want to protect their integrity but also, the sample dress might not be your size and we’ll pin and clip it into place. This isn’t a true reflection of how you’ll look on your wedding day so why spoil the big reveal?

What should I wear?

If you can wear a nude, strapless bra and light coloured underwear, please do but don’t worry if you don’t have these and certainly don’t go and buy new things just for your appointment (unless you want to get in the shopping mindset of course!). We provide shoes for you to wear with the gowns but again, you’re welcome to bring your own if you’d be more comfortable with this.

What happens when I find ‘the one’?

Well, we’ll celebrate for certain! I would also say that don’t be surprised if this happens on your first outing – it’s more common than you think! Once you’ve decided which gown is yours, we’ll take your measurements and a 50% non-refundable deposit. Your dress is then ordered and we’ll contact you when it arrives so you can come in, clear the balance and try it on again. Yippeee!

So don’t dally anymore, come and see us soon – we have so many gowns just waiting to be tried on!

Sophie x

Coco + Kate