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Coco & Kate Q&A – 'When Do I Need To Order My Wedding Dress?'

Hello again to you all and I hope you’re all having a wonderful week. It’s been brilliant here at the boutique with lots of lovely brides and a definite festive feel. We’re definitely on the downhill to Christmas now so why not sit back for a few minutes, grab a cuppa and a cheeky mince pie and have a read of this week’s Coco & Kate Q&A all about the intricacies of ordering your wedding dress. I’ve put together this little blog post to answer the most frequent questions that I get asked during appointments and I hope you find it helpful, interesting and, most of all, reassuring… I’m getting married in 18 months time. Do I need to order my dress now or is it too soon?

Well, I say if you’ve found your dream wedding gown, go ahead and order it! We advise a general order time of around 9-12 months and this allows ample time for production, delivery and those all-important alterations plus there’s plenty of time to spare in the (very rare!) event of any unexpected delays. As a number of our gowns come from US designers, we do like to allow as much time as possible. We’ll store your gown safely between its arrival and the completion of the alterations so don’t worry about that. In fact, we really don’t want you to worry about anything!

Eeeek, I’m heading up the aisle in less than six months! Have I got time to order a dress?

Again, don’t panic! We can absolutely order you a gown if you have six months, or even less, before the big day. We love a whirlwind romance so we can pull out all the stops to get you aisle-ready in plenty of time and our wonderful designers are super supportive too and can often rush an order through for us. There might be an extra charge for this so do let us know when you visit if this might be the case and we can provide you with all the information and help that you need.

How often do you get new designs in at Coco & Kate? Is it worth me waiting to see the new collections?

We tend to buy in new gowns and designs in Spring and Autumn but that’s not to say new styles don’t arrive at other times too – we keep our eyes open for the best wedding dresses all year around! Photos of new designs always appear on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds so if you’re fashion forward, make sure you’re following us! We can often borrow gowns from the designers we stock even if we don’t always have them in the boutique so get in touch if you’ve seen something you love and we’ll do our best to help you out.

I know it’s a cliché but I’m hoping to tone up a bit before the wedding. Should I wait to order my gown until I’m feeling fit and fabulous?

Oooh no, why wait to order your wedding dress?! We are so lucky at Coco & Kate because our alterations team is just the best! I love them and would say that they are actually magicians with what they can achieve with a gown. When you come to visit us, we’ll order the gown that you choose so that it matches your measurements at that particular moment and then when it’s time for the alterations, we can easily take it in and adjust it to your new svelte shape. You won’t be alone in wanting to tone up and that’s why wedding gowns can be adjusted to fit by the wonder women in our workroom!

Well, I hope that’s answered a few more questions and if there’s anything you’d like to see addresses in a future Ask Coco & Kate feature, just get in touch and let me know –

See you next week,

Sophie x

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